Sunday, July 28, 2013

knock out pit bulls

elena maxwell, kris crawford
bosom buddies

knock out dog fighting supporter and mma fighter elena maxwell may want to hire her friend kris crawford as her PR rep.  kris is pretty damn good at this stuff. 

maxwell's shitbull "zulu" attacked her neighbor's boston terrier. 
read the full story here.

"When I decided to wage war against dog fighting, I knew that in order to succeed, I had to have the best fighters," said Crawford. "These extraordinary athletes take their responsibility as role models very seriously and are demonstrating that they are champions both in and out of the cage.
 kris needs to find better role models.

zulu, owner MMA fighter elena maxwell


the human victim, dixon's owner

dixon, the canine victim
don't forget to donate to kris dawghandler so she can continue her good work to knock out dog fighting starting with shit bull zulu. 


  1. kris crawford and elena maxwell. LOL! excellent muckraking.

  2. Well, look at these two Warrior Women, ready to take on the world of Dog Fighting. Run, you Dog Fighting Men; your time is up! Hey, wait a minute.... What's this I see? Ms Maxwell's enormous Pit Bull 'Zulu' MAULED a little dog and CHOMPED the owner in the face? Surely this cannot BE! Elena, you cannot seriously be thinking of HIRING that woman who keeps her very own Fighting Bull Dog, can you? Oh, THAT DOESN'T COUNT, of course it doesn't. It was just an accident, a bit of collateral damage, a nothingness, something to be ignored as we two ardent and fixated Sh*t-Bull Warriorettes hurl our considerable body masses into the great fight against 'the dog fighters'. We might be off to a bad start, setting our cornerstone into a sodden bed of lies and cover-ups, a broken face and a tiny dog with trauma problems, but what do WE care! Avast! Out of our way! The Sh*t-Bull Sisters are coming to town!

  3. One of the Greatest Pit Bull Advocacy Backfires in History...
    but unfortunately the low information pit nutters will not know about it. Seriously, is the pit bull community really doing anything to stop dog fighting?!? An undercover investigations, stakeouts or set ups?!?

    Looks like they are just funding Kris' custom kitchen cabinetry....Meanwhile, mauling victims are holding blood drives to pay staggering medical bills.

    At least this defeated pit owner has assets...

    1. actually, this ugly defeated nutter does not appear to have assets. i have been looking into her.

  4. Are any of these fund bilking activities legitimate 501-C3's?!?

  5. Kris, you need to see this blog!

  6. And check this out. How many if us have been blasted by Kimberly R Kelly for trying to scam money. Kim r Kelly (Ramoba) is now using her disabled daughter to guilt people into giving her money. How unethical and embarassing to the SAR community is that! Its no worse than one of those fake panhandlers sitting with their sign feeling entitled to the money someone else earned. Kim needs to get a job. No one else should have to pay for her laziness. And per her friends she lives in a 3000 sq ft beautiful home that mist of us could never afford but she's scamming 'us' for money. Wow! Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black.

  7. Bulldogs. The greatest breed of dog on the planet.