Saturday, May 25, 2013

America's Forgotten Heroes Tribute Van Charity Fraud

Kris Crawford's tribute van is now supposedly being "run" by k9 handlers and veterinarians. 

From the About Us page

America's Forgotten Heroes is a nonprofit program run by K9 handlers and veterinarians dedicated to honoring the invaluable service, loyalty and sacrifices of America's Search-and Rescue Dogs, Police Dogs and Military Working Dogs, past and present.

Our mantra is Remember-Honor-Celebrate so we transformed a 1991 ambulance into an extraordinary rolling tribute to Search-and-Rescue (SAR), Police and Military Working Dogs - America’s Forgotten Heroes. Hundreds of thousands of people owe their lives to the courage and devotion of these animals, yet the dogs are oftentimes forgotten. So the America's Forgotten Heroes tribute vehicle was created to tell their stories.

The vehicle tours military bases, makes appearances at law enforcement award ceremonies and police dog events, pet expos, parades, schools, Boys & Girls Clubs and other public events raising awareness and honoring these four-legged heroes as well as their handlers.The America’s Forgotten Heroes Tribute vehicle was created to Remember these devoted animals, Honor their courage and sacrifices, and Celebrate the human-canine bond.

The handler shown in the image is Corporal Garvin
This image is intended to imply that Corporal Garvin is one the k9 handlers that "runs" her scam van.  
Corporal Garvin, Riverside Sheriff k-9 handler with his search Hound Dog Inga 

Who are these "us" individuals? Where is the transparency? Perhaps Dr. Cristi Derenzi-Blackwolf may be one of these "us" veterinarians. Dr. Blackwolf is employed at Adobe Animal Hospital in Los Altos, California.  Dr. Blackwolf's first-aid website is 
owned by Kris Crawford.

Dr. Blackwolf's (Dr. Derenzi) name is listed as the author of Crawford's self-written press releases. 
Dr. Cristi Blackwolf DVM, Adobe Animal Hospital

 According to the IRS website, there is no 501-C (3) or 990 on file for Americas Forgotten Heroes.
 Could it be she is funneling her donations to her pit bull charity?

For Pits' Sake is Crawford's charity to raise awareness about dog fighting and to promote pit bulls so it is unclear how this relates to her charity to memorialize working dogs. I believe this is called over-reaching.

Listen to how Crawford stumbles on her words.  
"its to help raise awareness about... huh um.... (ooops, I meant) a lot of people  raise awareness about dog fighting"
Here braggo-Crawford claims that she was the most active search dog team in the world for 6 years yet this statement cannot be proven and she knows it, she worked the Lacy Peterton case (actually, she was just there,) and she was the first person to certify pit bulls in the field of SAR. 

She forgot to mention that she was also the first SAR person to steal a human skeleton and be convicted for grand theft .

Crawford asks for donations on her scam van website. 

The America's Forgotten Heroes tribute vehicle receives daily invitations to attend a variety of events. If you and/or your organization are interested in having this wonderful and unique rolling tribute to our four-footed canine heroes at your event, please contact us and include the date and location of your event.
 Depending on the event and location, a formal agreement may be sent for signature confirming the date(s) outlining the cost, and deposit requirement.
Donations are critical for the maintenance and travel costs of theAmerica's Forgotten Heroes tribute vehicle. Please help us ensure that our educational mission continues with a tax deductible donation, so that America's four-footed heroes are not forgotten.

This image is painted on the scam van. This image has striking resemblance to the photo taken at Navy Seal Jon Tumilson's funeral.   I wonder if Crawford got permission from Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson's family to use this heart wrenching image of Hawkeye, Tumilson's loyal dog who refused to leave his side even in death. 

Kristine Crawford for pits sake
Navy Seal Jon Tumilson, Hawkeye


Below is the authentic image.  

Crawford shamelessly leverages her scam van with military veterans to garner donations. 

Americas forgotten heroes tribute van

Please do not donate to fraudulent charities, especially ones that exploit our military veterans, first responders, working dogs, and law enforcement to promote their personal agendas.


  1. It ever there was a scam artist who needed to have her activities exposed, Krawford would be that scam artist. THANK YOU!

  2. Gotta love the Shitbull pasted over the funeral scene. At first glance you can barely see the Lab - just the stupid Shitbull - which I'm sure is the point.