Friday, March 22, 2013

where is she now?

what's KRISTINE R CRAWFORD been up to lately? museum heists? terminal cancer hard luck cons? stalking other psychopaths?

nah. that would be too easy! CRAWFORD is getting her kicks these days shamelessly exploiting our veterans.

i was curious to see who is funding her current scam, but i can't find her 990 forms. surely, that must be an oversight.

and what's up with her website, for pits sake? it's a shell. EVERY link is dead. well, except for the paypal donate button. and whether you want to donate or buy some of her cheap pit promotional junk on knock out dog fighting or forgotten heroes, the paypal buttons BOTH link back to for pits sake donation button. another oversight i'm sure. but at least one of her cons does not have a working donate button - safety around dogs. here's one of CRAWFORD'S fun propaganda brainwashing videos.
CRAWFORD will just throw any old thing against the wall in the hope that something sticks. apparently enough sticks because her pit grifting paid off. check out her remodeled kitchen. the convicted felon is doing alright for herself.

click HERE to see more photos of CRAWFORD'S exploitation of veterans to further the pit bull cause and pad her bank account.


i love this old pit bull chat thread, where one of her fans discovers that CRAWFORD is scum.
Sounds like she's suffering from some kind of untreated mental illness. I mean, what else could explain that? I guess if you're a shitbag person that's just what you are.

PITY is the psychopath's number one choice of scams.

fyi, i blogged CRAWFORD on the 911 tenth anniversary. i linked to one of her pitfomercials. she deleted it. LOL!

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