Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kristine 'Dawghandler' Crawford, Fraud, Liar, Con Artist

Kristine R. Crawford  (AKA, Kris Dawghandler) is a medical miracle.  Kristine Crawford has survived stage 4 cancer with no medical treatment. Just ask the two families that took Kris Crawford into their home to care for her while she was dying and they will tell you.... she never had cancer.

But Kris didn't stop at the cancer lie.  She told them that her husband was killed in a car wreck and that her father was killed in 9/11.

FACT:  Kristine Crawford is a convicted felon  Case number: SM341062A.  Kris has moved on from, lying and stealing, then to MMA, (Knock out Dog Fighting) to now exploiting patriotism.    Kris has named one of her 29 websites semper fi canines,  latin for "Always Faithful" a term used by US Marines.

Be sure to click on the dead links on her Knock out Dog Fighting  website. All are dead except for the Make a Donation link. 

Kris has a new prop-- a vintage military dog ambulance that she has conned people into donating their time to renovate.

Kris never misses a photo-op.

     This is reprehensible that Crawford would use the graves of US veterans  as a photo op for her newly found patriotic image.

Ssgt. Tim Chambers, The Saluting Marine
  Ssgt. Tim Chambers, (the Saluting Marine) with her America's Forgotten Heroes van.

   For a fee, the van is/was available for appearances. All proceeds go to ???

Kris Crawford owns 29 domain names--many of them with a "donate now" paypal button.  

   After  being exposed on cravendesires on March 19, 2013, within 48 hours Kris had shut down her four main websites, her youtube channel and her Facebook page.   

Why would anyone shut down four websites, their FB page, lock their Twitter account, and delete dozens of Youtube videos if they had nothing to hide?

SHUT DOWN March 2013

SHUT DOWN March 2013

SHUT DOWN March 2013

Crawford grossly exaggerates  her accomplishments and carefully crafts her words. 
 Kris often refers to herself in her self-written press releases  as an "iconic inspiration".

Kris states in every press release that she and her dog Dakota worked on the Lacy Peterson case.
But her words are carefully chosen;  "we responded to" or ,"was involved in"  or, "was there" but never does Kris ever state that she was actually deployed in the search for Lacy Peterson.

If you are donating money to Kristine Crawford or ForPitsSake, you need to question if these funds are helping dogs or if they are buying new kitchens
Kris Crawford - Iconic Inspiration
Kris Crawford's, dog friendly kitchen by Ann Porter 

kitchen designer by Ann Porter


  1. an "iconic inspiration." Like she was Abe Lincoln or something.

    I'm confused about the saluting marine photo. Is he saluting THE VAN?

    That's so tacky. It makes me cringe.

  2. And check this out. How many if us have been blasted by Kimberly R Kelly for trying to scam money. Kim r Kelly (Ramoba) is now using her disabled daughter to guilt people into giving her money. How unethical and embarassing to the SAR community is that! Its no worse than one of those fake panhandlers sitting with their sign feeling entitled to the money someone else earned. Kim needs to get a job. No one else should have to pay for her laziness. And per her friends she lives in a 3000 sq ft beautiful home that mist of us could never afford but she's scamming 'us' for money. Wow! Isn't this the pot calling the kettle black.ReplyDelete